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6 Ways to Look After Your Kid’s Teeth

//6 Ways to Look After Your Kid’s Teeth

6 Ways to Look After Your Kid’s Teeth

Although many individuals believe that your child’s milk teeth are not important for the future of their dental health and hygiene, in fact, your child’s milk teeth can directly impact the quality of their adult teeth. Therefore, it is paramount that you are able to instill good dental practices into your children before they grow older, allowing them to build up habits which they will then use to look after their teeth in later life.

1.   Create a Daily Routine

One of the most important ways that parents can look after their kid’s teeth is to create an oral hygiene routine that suits both you and your children. Instilling a daily dental routine for the whole family can help kids to get into the habit of caring for their teeth, which includes brushing twice a day with a soft toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Not only this, but your children will be more likely to accept the need to brush their teeth if this is part of the same routine every evening before they go to bed. If you need help creating a good hygiene routine for your child, you should speak to your local dentist.

2.   Make Brushing Fun

For children especially, brushing their teeth can feel like a chore. Rather than make brushing something that your children dread, why not take steps to make brushing fun? There are many games detailed online to help encourage your kids to brush. These include brushing to music, rewarding your child after they have brushed, or brushing your teeth together with your child, which also gives you the opportunity to make sure that they are brushing correctly.

3.   Visit the Dentist

It is important that you visit the dentist with your child from the moment their milk teeth grow through. Although one in six parents believe that children do not need to see a dentist until they are four years old, most children should see the dentist by the age of 12 months. Visiting the dentist will not only reveal any damage or issues with your children’s teeth, but it will also prevent your child from becoming fearful of the dentist later in life, with four in five adults being afraid of the dentist.

4.   Consider Sealants and Varnish

You may also consider small preventative procedures such as dental sealants and varnishes, which help to protect the teeth from excess plaque in the mouth. These procedures are carried out every six months and prevent decay in high-risk children.

5.   Educate Your Kids on the Importance of Healthy Teeth

Your children are also more likely to look after their teeth if you educate them on why caring for their teeth is important, and what could happen if they do not. There are many kid-friendly resources available online, including worksheets and storybooks, and your dentist may be able to explain your child’s teeth to them in an appropriate manner.

6.   Start Young

However, the most important action you can take is to start your child’s dental regime young. From the moment your child is born, you should be caring for their teeth and gums, such as wiping their gums with a wet cloth before they brush their teeth. This will instate good dental practices in your child for the future.

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