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Aesthetic and functional dentures

That gap in your teeth can have a huge negative effect on your self-esteem and your life. Nobody deserves to have a crooked or broken smile including you!

The good news is that missing teeth can now easily be replaced using the high-quality dentures.

Tooth loss is a problem which does not affect only your physical appearance. It can also lead to negative emotions like grief, denial, anger, and even depression. It diminishes your self-confidence, and as a result, you may feel self-conscious and insecure, especially while eating, talking, smiling, or just opening your mouth. In order to prevent these issues, you should look for a tooth replacement option that fits your needs.

Today, dentures are considered as an effective solution for replacing the missing teeth. Conventional dentures are removable. There are many newer denture designs as well, some of which, are designed to clasp or bond onto your teeth or dental implants. But, many people have their reservations when it comes to getting a set of false teeth.

Often people believe that getting dentures implies accepting the old age, and also that others will perceive them as elderly people since it is a known fact that only elderly people require false teeth. However, it is just a fallacy, as with the latest denture designs nobody will even know that they have been fitted. Some people also have hesitations about the fitment of dentures. They worry that over time the dentures may become loose, and thus, uncomfortable and ineffective. Therefore, it is important to have your dentures fitted by a respected and experienced dentist who specialises in dentures fitment and denture repair. As one of Melbourne’s specialist denture fitment and denture repair dentists, we understand the ins and outs of dentures and the pros and cons of the various methods of fitment depending on your individual situation.

An Innovative Solution For Loose Dentures

Here at Dainty Dental Care, we can provide you with the dentures that are guaranteed to stay in the correct position. We use innovative Ultra Suction technology for the dentures so that they can provide you with the utmost fit and comfort. It is made possible by a special profiled space which is created in the inner side of your denture where a tiny Ultra Suction valve is inserted on both the sides.

During your first attempt to swallow, the vacuum created in the mouth eliminates any air left in the suction chamber. This results to a better fit to your gums and improved resistance to dislodging forces. We can assure you that you will always be confident about your dentures even while you are eating, talking, and smiling.

Top-Calibre Dentures

Get rid of that embarrassing gap in your teeth with modern Ultra Suction Dentures fitted by your trusted Melbourne dentist at Dainty Dental Care. We can provide you with a comprehensive set of dental treatments under Restorative Dentistry. Call us today at our dental practice in Bayswater on (03) 9720 7652 or simply book your appointment online. Here at Dainty Dental Care, your dental and oral health is our main priority.

Dentures, DenturesDentures, Dentures