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How Can Adults Keep Their Teeth Healthy?

//How Can Adults Keep Their Teeth Healthy?

How Can Adults Keep Their Teeth Healthy?

Although you might have been forced to keep to strict dental routines as a child, as we get older, there is a tendency to forget the important dental regimens of our childhoods and to stop looking after your teeth as well as you should. However, adult teeth are highly susceptible to problems such as gum disease and decay, making it vital that you know how best to look after your teeth on a regular basis.

Should you see a dental professional?

However much you look after your teeth at home, there is nothing better you can do to keep your teeth healthy than to see a dental professional on a regular basis. Adults over the age of 18 should book a dental check-up every 12 months unless they have issues with their teeth, in which case these check-ups should be more regular. It is vital that you visit the dentist regardless of whether you are experiencing pain in your teeth, as many early symptoms of gum disease and decay are pain-free, and can leave you with more invasive surgery if they are not found early. To find a dentist Bayswater, Dainty Dental Care provides a range of services for you and your family, including regular check-ups as well as more specific procedures such as implants.

What foods should you eat?

The condition of your teeth heavily relies on maintaining a healthy diet that is free from corrosive acids and sugars which can create plaque-forming bacteria on your teeth. To ensure that you are eating a diet that supports your teeth, you should avoid sugary foods such as chocolate and cake. If you do eat these, you should make sure that you eat these all at the same time rather than throughout the day to limit contact with your teeth and drink water afterward to dilute the sugars. You should also avoid fizzy drinks, which often contain acids that can erode the enamel on your teeth. If you must drink these, you should avoid using a straw, which can concentrate the acids onto your teeth, and brush your teeth over half an hour after you consume the drink.

Instead, there are foods that are beneficial for your teeth. You should consume crunchy vegetables and dairy items such as cheese, which can help to remove the bacteria on your teeth. Additionally, dairy products contain calcium to strengthen the teeth.

How can you care for your teeth at home?

You can care for your teeth at home by brushing twice a day for two minutes. You should make sure that you do not brush your teeth too heavily and that you use a medium-hard toothbrush. You should make sure that you use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride has been proven to help prevent decay in the teeth.

Flossing once a day after you brush is also important to make sure that you can access every part of your teeth and gums. Another option are dental brushes, which some researchers have proven to be more effective. It is also imperative that you do not forget your tongue, and that you clean this with a toothbrush or tongue scraper every week.

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