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How to Help Your Kids Cope With Their New Braces

//How to Help Your Kids Cope With Their New Braces

How to Help Your Kids Cope With Their New Braces

Arguably the best time to get braces in life is just after your adult teeth come in. With the power of Orthodontics, your child’s teeth can be moved into the correct place so that by the time they are entering their teenagerhood or at the very least young adulthood they will have a beautiful, straight smile for the rest of their lives.

Just because the benefits are so huge, however, doesn’t mean that braces or other options cannot be stressful for your children. The first day or so especially can be very painful, and knowing how to help your child cope during these times when they are getting used to new braces or a tighter fitting can help them through the initial pain.

Ensure they Know the Benefits

It is important to discuss with your child beforehand why braces for kids are so important. If they have a particularly stressing issue, like protruding teeth or overcrowding, then these issues will only cause a lot of stress and pain in the future if they are not fixed now.

Though your child isn’t likely to understand gum disease, or how their teeth are going to impact how they chew, speak, and bite in the future, you can put it into terms they will understand.

Hopefully, your child will already be on board with having a straight, beautiful white smile. If not, try to talk to them about it. Explain that though there will be a lot of pressure for the first day or two it will go away, and when it’s all over they will have a healthy mouth they will love to smile with.

Choose a Trusted Orthodontist

When it comes to looking for the best Orthodontics in Bayswater, you don’t need to look any further than Dainty Dental Care. Ensuring your child feels safe and cared for is how you can start helping your children cope with their new braces. They will need to return several times, and therefore, they need to feel comfortable with their orthodontist.

Know How to Reduce the Pain After a Tightening

Another key way to help your children cope after new braces or a tightening is to stock up on some necessary supplies:

Oral Aesthetic

A gel that acts as a local pain reliever and can help, especially in the first few tightening sessions when teeth are at their worst.


To help reduce pain caused by the braces themselves, you will want to use wax over problem areas. This will again be more useful in the beginning, when protruding teeth cause abrasions on the gums.

Pain Relief Medicine

Never exceed the recommended limit of pain relief tablets when using this option.

Reduce Inflammation

Using an ice pack can help reduce inflammation and quell pain after a tightening.

Have Soft Foods Ready

Soft foods, soups, and other items that don’t require chewing are ideal for the first day or two after a tightening, as this is when chewing will cause pain.

If in doubt always consult your orthodontist on how you can help your child manage the pain that occurs after new braces or a tightening.

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