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Natural and Comfortable Teeth

Replacement From One of Melbourne’s

Leading Implant Dentists

  • Dr. Dorairajan has specialised in Implant dentistry since 2009
  • He has completed advanced studies in implant including a postgraduate diploma in Dental Implantology
  • Our cutting-edge technology ensures a natural-looking tooth replacement that feels, fits and functions just like natural teeth
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If you have damaged or missing teeth then you know how it can affect everything, from your smile and confidence, to how and what you eat.

, Implant LP OLD

Tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental bridges can replace missing teeth but these can sometimes present further problems over time.

These tooth replacement options don’t replace the root structure of your missing teeth. So as you chew, your bone isn’t bearing the weight and torque of supporting a tooth. Over time the bone will lose strength and bone density. The surrounding teeth can become loose and even change the shape of your face.

This process is called bone resorption. It ‘s a case of “use it or lose it.” As the jaw bone loses density, the shape of the jaw changes, and so does the shape of your face.

This is the number one cause of ill-fitting dentures… Once the bone starts to change shape, it continues doing so, and the dentures that once fitted fine, will need ongoing adjustments to maintain their fit and comfort.

Dental Implants Are The Only Option That Permanently and Securely Replaces Missing Teeth

Dental implants preserve bone density by replacing the root that supports the tooth. Our natural teeth are comprised of two sections: the visible tooth and the root that is under the gum and inside the jawbone.

The root holds the natural tooth in place.

With a missing a tooth, the dentist must decide how to re-create the tooth and choose the best method to hold it in place. Dental implants were created for this purpose.

Dental implants are metallic screw-shaped cylinders, which are placed securely into the jawbone to replace the root and secure a replacement tooth.

Because implants are inserted directly into the jawbone, they mimic the stimulation that the root of a natural tooth would provide to the jawbone, and keep the bone strong and healthy, just like a real tooth – and avoiding the bone loss that can accompany less permanent options.

, Implant LP OLD

How Dr. Dorairajan Minimises Your Treatment Risks

Dr. Dorairajan is our implant dentistry expert at Dainty dental care. He ensures that every patient receives the best possible treatment for their individual needs. Before you undergo the teeth implant procedure, Dr Dorairajan will take you through an examination to assess your full medical history. The preliminary examination will enable a full review of your circumstances, oral health, and concerns. He will evaluate your treatment options and decide if you are a good fit for the procedure and how to manage or minimise any complications.

Not everyone is suited to dental implant surgery. Which is why it’s so important that your suitability is evaluated by an experienced dental implant dentist.

Dental implants are one of the safest types of dental surgery when performed by an experienced dentist. However, they still involve surgery. Whenever there is surgery, there is a risk of something going wrong. Yet, these risks are easily avoided with something known as treatment planning.

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The Importance of Treatment Planning

, Implant LP OLD

What most people don’t realise is that there are essentially two ways for Dentists to become trained to perform the dental implant procedure.

  1. Dentists can take a short course, that runs over several days and focuses on the basic techniques. What often gets left out of these short courses is something extremely important to the procedure, called Treatment Planning.
  2. Or they can take an intense postgraduate program that includes a comprehensive course of clinical, theoretical, and practical education, along with supervised hands-on case experience.

Treatment Planning is the process some (but not all) implant dentists use for evaluating the factors in your mouth that could impact the procedure. This will guarantee the correct treatment plan based on your circumstances while minimising any complications so you don’t have to have the procedure redone.

The Stages of a Teeth Implant Procedure

Once the examination is complete and a treatment plan created, there are three main steps to the dental implant procedure:

The Implant Is Placed

under local anaesthetic the titanium screw is placed into your jawbone. The implant remains below the surface, allowing it to bond together with your jawbone and create a strong anchor for the replacement tooth. It can take up to six months for the implant to fuse with the bone. It is possible to wear temporary dentures during this time, although it’s vital to eat a soft diet.

The Abutment Is Added

Once the implant is firmly in place, it will be uncovered so an extension, known as an abutment, can be added. This is the cap upon which the replacement tooth will be placed. The gums need to heal for a few weeks after this procedure before treatment can be completed.

The Crown Is Fixed

The final stage in the treatment involves attaching a crown to the abutment. Once the crown is in place the replacement tooth looks as good as new and feels and functions just like a natural tooth.

Are You Nervous About Dental Treatments?

At Dainty Dental, we practice sleep dentistry, which means we can perform your dental implant procedure without you having fear or anxiety.

We are a certified IV sedation dentist, specially trained in the administration of anesthesia. Our certified and highly trained anaesthetist will ensure there is NO PAIN and no memory of the procedure. You will remember arriving at the dentist but you will not remember your treatment.

Our nervous patients arrive at our practice and immediately feel relaxed about their treatment. As you sleep soundly during your dental implant procedure, you are completely unaware of the sights and sounds surrounding you. Your fear, anxiety, and discomfort is completely removed and so is any possibility of having a panic attack. All thanks to our highly trained and experienced anaesthetist.

, Implant LP OLD
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All About The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of a Dental implant procedure can be difficult to define as there are so many variants. Obviously, the cost of a single tooth implant will be significantly less than a full arch or full set of false teeth. On top of this, there are variations due to your health.

If your jawbone is not strong enough to firmly hold an implant in place and support a replacement tooth then there is a much higher chance that the implant surgery will fail. The lack of sufficient jawbone doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to have a dental implant. If you don’t have enough jaw bone, a bone graft may be recommended.

In a bone graft procedure, a section of bone is taken from another area of your body and is grafted onto the existing jawbone. Once in place, the grafted bone will encourage the growth of strong new bone. The process can take several months, but once enough new bone has grown, the implant will have the stable base it requires.

The tooth implant cost for a straightforward single dental implant will be somewhere in the region of $5,000. However, a more complicated single dental implant, requiring a bone graft, can cost up to $10,000.

Whatever type of dental implant is needed, it can be a substantial investment. However, ensuring you use an experienced dentist is a must. Having the right dentist will result in an in-depth treatment plan and the best quality materials being used.  Paying less for inferior treatment may well result in complications and more cost at a later date. With an experienced dentist, while the upfront cost may be higher, the long term cost over time will likely be a lot less.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation With Dr. Dorairajan

If your teeth are embarrassing you, or making it hard to enjoy your favourite meals, it’s time schedule your dental implant consultation. Dr Dorairajan will examine your teeth, gums, bone, and smile. You’ll discuss your personal needs and treatment outcomes directly with Dr Dorairajan, so he can explain your personalised treatment plan.

Every Implant Consultation includes:

  • One-on-one consultation with our Implant expert Dr. Dorairajan

  • A comprehensive examination of your teeth and general health

  • A recommended treatment plan to restore your smile

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