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Dental Anxiety And Sedation Dentistry

Dental Anxiety And Sedation Dentistry

Dental fear and anxiety are quite common, and most people experience some degree of anxiety while visiting the dentist.

Being afraid of the dentist can be due to a number of factors. Among younger patients, it can be because of the lack of accurate information. It’s quite possible that they might have heard stories from their peers or seen inaccurate portrayals of dental procedures online or in the media. For adults, unpleasant past experiences contribute to this fear and can trigger a flight or fight response, thereby making it very hard for the dentist to perform the required treatments safely. Dental phobia causes patients to avoid dental visits at all costs which jeopardizes their oral health and can lead to larger health issues in the future.

Dental anxiety stops you from receiving the treatment that you require for maintaining your teeth. The team at Dainty Dental Care can help you and your family to overcome the dental fears with our leading sedation dentistry treatments in Melbourne.

Looking For Sedation Dentistry Near Me?

A sedation dentist uses sedatives to put you in a highly relaxed state. This makes you calm and comfortable during the course of the procedure. Sedation dentistry is easily administered and can be applied in various ways. Some medications are taken orally, while others can be applied into the bloodstream. This is called IV sedation dentistry (see sleep dentistry). Some sedatives are applied via inhalation through a purpose-built mask that fits comfortably over your nose. The entire process is guaranteed to be both safe and effective. In essence, sedation dentistry is the perfect alternative to traditional dental procedures as it provides a comfortable safety net for patients that suffer from dental anxiety.

Advantages Of Completing Dental Treatments Under Sedation:

  • Shows effect quickly – The gas only takes 2-3 minutes.
  • Completely safe, even for your kids – It does not involve any dangerous side-effects at all.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety – You become more relaxed without going to sleep.
  • Decreases pain and discomfort to a minimal level – The gas controls pain effectively.
  • Minimises gagging reflex during the procedure – It reduces the occurrence of involuntary reactions.
  • Gives you a pleasant dental experience – As a result, it helps you to be more confident about visiting our dental clinic more frequently.

Safe And Effective Happy Gas Sedation

Do not let your fear and anxiety impede you from maintaining your dental health and oral wellness. We are your trusted Knox dentist that can put you to sleep and minimise your dental fear and anxiety. At Dainty Dental Care, we are dedicated to guiding you towards having a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smile. So, if you are looking to book a dental sedation treatment, contact us today!

Call us today at practice in Bayswater, on (03) 9720 7652 or simply book your appointment online. Here at Dainty Dental Care, your dental and oral health is our main priority.

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