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WAND Painless Sedation System

WAND Painless Sedation System

Worried about getting a dental injection?

You don’t have to be. With the help of The Wand, sedation dentistry has become pain-free.

Most dental patients who have had a terrible experience when it comes to getting injections will, more often than not, shy away from visiting the dental clinic. As a result, the dental or oral health problem gets worse, and a more extensive and invasive dental procedure becomes a necessity.

We at Dainty Dental Care do not want this to happen to you. We can provide you with a modern way of injecting sedation that is safe, effective, and most importantly, painless. Your reliable Knox dentist is equipped with The Wand.

What Is The Wand?

In essence, The Wand is a sedation delivery system that is controlled by a computer. As the flow rate of the local sedation is regulated by a computer, the injection is slow, steady, and of course, safe. By using The Wand, human error is eliminated, and so, you can be assured that your dental experience will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This technology has been favourably reviewed in a lot of peer-reviewed and independent clinical research reports on the application of sedation during dental treatments.

The Advantages Of Using The Wand

  • The device looks very safe and state-of-the-art – The Wand induces less anxiety as compared to other injection methods.
  • The control of the flow rate is precise and accurate – The injection proceeds in a very comfortable manner. You will not feel even the slightest discomfort throughout the entire procedure.
  • The Wand is very easy to handle – It can be also be used for areas which are difficult to reach.

Painless Dentistry In Melbourne

Here at Dainty Dental Care, we invest in modern equipment and techniques so as to make sure that we can provide you with a safe and pleasant dental experience. We are adept at using numerous ways to ensure that your visit becomes as painless as possible. One of these is the use of The Wand Painless sedation System.

Call us today on (03) 9720 7652 or simply book your appointment online. Here at Dainty Dental Care, your dental and oral health is our main priority.

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